Powertrain Systems

The effortless deployment of power makes a significant difference to the safety and comfort of vehicles improving driver performance. Internal combustion engines are still the preferred choice for many of our global customers, especially where engines must deliver speed and power. We work closely with our business partners to ensure power and increased fuel efficiency for both petrol and diesel engines is achieved through innovation and technology.

At PPP Group we offer a wide range of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT), for conventional, hybrid, start/stop systems and mild hybrids. Hybrid technology offers an increasingly sophisticated range of options, which are now available through the varying degrees of electrification within hybrid powertrains. The electric motor provides assistance to the internal combustion engine through delivering high torque driving, providing acceleration from lower speeds and inclines, making it possible to downsize engines whilst maintaining increasingly higher levels of performance. Through our innovation and technology we are able to help our customers achieve more economical vehicles without compromising on comfort or performance. Electric vehicles are far more than just an environmental choice in today’s market.

Through improved electric charger converter technology, such as the integrated charger-inverter, affordable and efficient electric cars are now being produced on a large scale. Our option of switch reluctance motor offered through our chosen partner forms the heart of our electric powertrains, offering further flexibility of design options. Our technological innovations enable our customers to reduce the cost of electrical components, achieving highly desirable and affordable electric cars..

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Commercial Vechicles

Our involvement with commercial vehicles dates back to the 1950’s, where one of our company’s founders started his first coach company. His passion and experience has been the driving force behind our commercial vehicle manufacturing business.

Our industry insight and understanding of how the transport industry operates has enabled us to design vehicles which offer minimum cost of ownership, low operating costs and reduced uptime enabling our customers to achieve a better rate of return on their investment. As part of our corporate social responsibility strategy, in addition to reducing carbon footprints by improving fuel efficiency, we aim to incorporate where possible fully recyclable materials in all our vehicles.

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To be launched in next year, APF Coaches, a subsidiary of PPP European Group in the Middle East, will be showcasing a new range of coaches. Our exciting new range will offer high quality vehicles, which combine state of the art technology with comfortable and sumptuous interiors at highly affordable prices.

Built in collaboration with our European partners, in our purpose built factory, the new range is packed with ground breaking and innovative technology. Our cutting edge technology provides long service life and reduced maintenance and repair costs. Our new range of coaches, are designed for long-haul journeys, offering great comfort and safety whilst achieving low fuel consumption and maximum environmental protection.

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