Our range includes state of the art environmentally friendly hybrid-diesel-electric buses to meet our rapidly expanding cities’ growing demand. Our buses provide increased passenger capacity and comfort. Smoother performance is achieved through our use of electric powertrains, which provide precisely controlled smoother acceleration leading to an enhanced passenger experience and driver control.

Our new range of buses provide up to 30% fuel savings, which is achieved through lighter body design, more energy efficient engines and more effective use of electric motors in varying traffic conditions and stop start situations.

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Hybrid Technology

Through the use of hybrid technology, our new buses will achieve up to 50% lower exhaust emissions. This is achieved by being emission-free at bus stops, eliminating wasteful and polluting idling in traffic offering significantly quieter buses, ideal for inner-city and suburban usage. Higher operating margins will be achieved through significantly reduced maintenance costs.

Our hybrid buses make use of the latest technology including battery storage and break energy recuperation. Our improved battery technology, incorporating lithium-iron batteries, provides high power with an improved life expectancy.

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Our new range of mini-buses offers excellent maneuverability in traffic providing drivers and passengers a superior journey experience, including enhanced climate control and easier boarding and alighting for customers in addition to a number of new enhanced safety features. Our exciting new range offers high quality vehicles, which combine state of the art technology with comfortable and sumptuous interiors at highly affordable prices, with optional leather seats bringing sophistication, comfort and practicality. Equally important the new range is designed to offer maximum luggage storage capacity.

Built in collaboration with our European partners in our purpose built factory, the new range is packed with ground breaking and innovative technology which can be easily adapted to meet our customers’ specific requirements. This cutting edge technology provides a longer service life and reduced maintenance and repair costs.

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